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About NerdyKeppie

Mandy & Steve

If you can't buy it, start making it yourself!

Because we couldn't find the colors and variants of Pride or nerdy kippot that our family wanted, Spider started making kippot for family members. They focused on making these items sturdy, because a lot of the people they were making them for were very active and we needed them to hold up to everyday wear and tear! This ethos holds true for everything we make - we want our clothing to be ethically sourced, well-made, and as affordable as possible for our community.

When people started asking where they could get these items, the obvious answer was to hang out a shingle and open our shop. 'Keppie' is 'head' in Yiddish, and with my focus on geeky and nerdy items, it was a pretty straightforward name. Everything in here comes from our nerdy heads.

This shop is run by a Jewish family in Portland, Oregon. The items we design but do not personally manufacture are shipped from our partners across the world, direct to your front door. We hope you'll enjoy what we come up with!

About Spider Perry (They/Them), Co-Owner

Mandy Perry, Co-Owner

Spider began NerdyKeppie in 2016 out of a desire to provide LGBT Judaica to their daughter.  Spider has been a longtime Queer and Disability activist and blogger, author, and public speaker, and had initially intended for NerdyKeppie to be a simple side business.  But the orders kept coming and the business took off, and now they spend the lion share of their time designing new products and managing NerdyKeppie's social media.

Spider also writes queer fiction on Patreon, and is working on a handful of RPG products which will be on the shelves soon.


About Steve Perry (They/Them), Co-Owner

Steve Perry, Co-OwnerSteve joined Spider in operating the shop in mid 2017.  They spend much of their time tinkering with the website, operating the sewing machine for the heating pads and toiletry bags, or standing vigil over the embroidery machines while they're stitching out another sheet of orders.

One part pack mule, one part seamster, one part emotional support Hufflepuff, Steve's most important contribution to the shop is in making sure Spider has coffee so that they can continue churning out the designs that make NerdyKeppie so unique.