Star Wars X-Wing and Millennium Falcon Heat & Cold Pack

  • $15.00

As of August 18th, 2021, these items ship only to the United States. Global shipping rates have skyrocketed and these heavy items can no longer be shipped worldwide.

This microwaveable heating and cooling pad is filled with whole kernel corn, which holds heat and cold much longer than rice or similar fillers. We don't add any fragrance to our heating pads, making this a great gift for a fragrance-sensitive or allergic family member or friend.  Once heated, one may experience a pleasant scent similar to popcorn.

Microwaveable heating and cooling pads are reusable, efficient ways to care for strained muscles, aches, pains, and migraines. Pop this comfy cotton pad in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, up to a maximum of 4 minutes total, and it'll stay warm for a good long time. Likewise, put it in the freezer for a few hours (inside a freezer bag to keep it clean!) and have a cold pack for sprains, bruises, or putting over your eyes when you've got a migraine.

Small: 20" x 4"
Medium 20" x 5"
Large: 20" X 6"
XXL: 20" x 8"

Each heat and cold pack is individually sewn and hand-filled; small variations in fill level and measurements are natural.

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