Rainbow Pronoun Buttons

Rainbow Pronoun Buttons

  • $2.00

These items currently cannot ship to Australia or New Zealand. This is out of our control, we apologize.

These NerdyKeppie exclusive designs were created for in person craft shows and events!  You know, in the Before Times?  Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, humans used to gather in large gatherings called "shows" or "conventions" and we used to sell these things there.  Now we've given up hope of ever seeing a novel human being again in our lives and so we're selling them online now as well!

Aren't you luck?  You can denote pronouns with the use of a small 1" diameter pin.  It goes well on lapels, shirt fronts, or as a closure for your superhero cape.  Not a superhero?  You can use it to fasten closed any piece of outerwear you desire, really!  Think of the possibilities!

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