Pronoun Stickers

Pronoun Stickers

  • $2.00

These stickers used to be a staple of our live craft show offerings in the Before Times.  Now, they do but clutter up our inventory.  Lost and alone with no one to signify.

The rainbow stickers measure 3" x 1.5".  The script stickers measure 2" x 1".  You may stick them on whatever surface you so choose*, surfaces including but not limited to: Your Trapper Keeper, the back of your padfolio, the hood of your moderately priced mid--sized sedan, your friend's forehead, the mirror in which you do your hair every morning, the side of a passing dog, etc.

Your imagination alone is the limit to what can be labeled with pronouns!

* : The adherer is responsible for complying with all applicable local laws pursuant to the adherence of pronoun stickers to person(s) and property.

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