Gritty Head Patch

Gritty Head Patch

  • $20.00

WHEREAS Gritty is the soul of Philly;

WHEREAS Gritty is what happens when you yeet a cheesesteak into the void and the void yeets something back at you;

WHEREAS we love the city in which we live;

We make this patch available, at least until we get yelled at. 

This small-batch patch is lovingly stitched in a rowhouse in suburban Philly by our team of 2 diehard Gritty fans who have resolved to learn something about hockey. It measures approximately 4.5" x 3.3" and contains almost 30,000 stitches. 

Due to the unusually high stitch count necessarily to render every terrifying hair in Gritty's disturbingly lovable visage, this patch has a 1-2 week turn time. Each one of these takes an hour and a half!