Dungeons And Dragons Social Justice Barbarian Black Mug 15Oz

  • $18.00

Get one for every member of your party! Message us if you don't find your class -- we'll be glad to add a custom item just for you. Left-handed versions available by special order, too!

Keep your drink at your side for the entirety of your session - bigger size means fewer trips to the kitchen to refill, fewer DM cues missed. Front side features your class and tagline (what did you just say?), while the back (tucked toward you) is a d20 showing a natural 20.

You know, for luck.

Black ceramic high-quality mug 15oz is individually sublimation-printed for you. Rounded corners and C handle make for comfy quaffing during marathon games.

This mug is 4.72" high and 3.14" in diameter. It's microwave-safe (in case your coffee gets cold) and dishwasher-safe, because no one has time to hand-wash their favorite mug when there are kobolds left to kill.

  • Black ceramic
  • 15 oz (0.44 l)
  • Rounded corners
  • C-handle

Height, in
Diameter, in